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Release:2011-11-29 08:53:58
Details:Manmohan (Dev Anand) belongs to the wealth, upper-class society who crosses paths with Sudesh, a thief trying to rob him. Manmohan takes pity on Sudesh for being a victim of circumstances who steals to deal with poverty. Manmohan gets intrigued by the poor and decides to Sudesh’s poor neighborhood and experience the harsh realities of poverty. He assumes the name Shyam and makes Sudesh promise not to tell anyone about his true identity. He enters Sudesh’s Chawl as a poor fellow and meets Sudesh’s beautiful sister, Shama (Mala Sinha). They both start falling in love with each other but the local Don, Ranvir Dada surfaces to create menace for everyone. The Don forces Sudesh to take to crime and meddles with Shyam who is on a quest to help the poor people of the Chawl. What crooked games will the dangerous Don play to ruin Shama’s life? What happens when Shama comes to know of Shyam’s true identity?