Umang 1970 Full Hindi Movie HD Sanjeev Kumar, Archana Rehman

Umang || Full Hindi Movie || Sanjeev Kumar, Satish Kumar, Archana Rehman,

Length: 2:14:55
Plot: Superhit Hindi Movie Umang (1970)

Synopsis: Apollo Dance Club, formed by a group of dedicated youngsters, is making preparations to celebrate its Silver Jubilee or 25 weeks of its existence. The club has been built on a piece of land in a housing Colony belonging to Rai Saheb (Rehman). Inspite of illegal occupation of the land by the club it has the support and sympathy of Captian (David) Auntie (Durga Khote) etc. and other residents of the Colony. . Asha (Archana) the only daughter of Rai Saheb is invited by Meena (Meena T.) to join this celebration. She comes without her fathers knowledge. Meena is the daughter of Captian, a close family friend of Rai Saheb, and her brother Kailash (Akashdeep) is engaged to Asha. But Kailash is a flirt and wants to marry Asha only for her wealth. . All the youngsters dance in a gay manner and Asha is partnered by Satish (Satish), a handsome and upright young man, the Secretary of the club. The celebration interrupted by the arrival of Munim (Randhir) and his henchmen sent by Rai Saheb to evict the illegal occpuants. Asha, however, saves the situation and leaves the place after a brief altercation with her fiance, Kailash. . From Satish, the boys and girls learn about Asha and encourage him to have close contact with her. With her amidst them, the chances of establishing the Club on a firmer footing appear bright. Meantime they plan to buy the land on an instalment basis, for they are an upright and law abiding lot. . The next day, they somehow manage to meet Rai Saheb at his bungalow but he is not prepared to sell the lands to them on instalments. Instead of meekly leaving the place they decide to go on a hunger strike to achieve their end. When this also fails, they threaten self immolation. The situation becomes serious and Rai Saheb sensing danger agrees to payment by instalments. . They immediately begin rehearsals for their first public show to collect money for the land. Kailash who has been watching the preparations and the steady link-up between Asha and Satish plans to ditch them. The show fails miserably inspite of a full house. Asha is disappointed with the group and with Satish in particular. . The boys and girls are equally dejected but they know that one of them has betrayed the club. Captain comes to console them and invites them to perform a dance at the engagement ceremony of Asha and Kailash when Rai Saheb would be present. . Meantime, they find out that Kailash was responsible for the dismal failure of the show. They plan to pay him back in the same coin. . By clever ingenity they bring about the meeting of Asha and Satish and manage to break the engagement ceremony. Rai Saheb very much annoyed with the whole affair. Kailash becomes desperate for he knows that he is losing Asha which also means the loss of a fortune. . Asha is now more interested in Satish and the Club. On the other hand Rai Saheb obtains decreee from the Court to evict the trepassers. The boys and girls come to know about this from Asha and join together to court arrest. Asha also joins them and is arrested. Rai Saheb is infuriated and decides to marry Asha to Kailash without further delay.

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Umang || Full Hindi Movie || Sanjeev Kumar, Satish Kumar, Archana Rehman,