Jaan Ki Kasam 1991 Old Hindi Full Movie Download Free Online HD Saathi Ganguly

Jaan Ki Kasam || Krishna and Saathi Ganguly || Super Hit Movie | Romantics Movie

Length: 2:25:10
Plot: Wealthy business man Rajkumar and his family come under the attack of a deadly smuggler named Paras who has been using Rajkumar’s estate for his criminal activities. Rajkumar is gravely injured and his wife gets killed in the vicious attack. Their daughter Meenu escapes on a small boat and lands on a deserted Island. There she meets Rajan, the only survivor of a plane crash. Rajkumar sets out to find his daughter at any cost while his manager Jagdish assist him to find Meenu’s boat containing smuggled gold. Will Rajkumar succeed in finding his daughter with Jagdish planning to double cross him? How will Meenu and Rajan cope with life far away from the civilized world?

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Jaan Ki Kasam || Krishna and Saathi Ganguly || Super Hit Movie | Romantics Movie