Mulaqaat 2002 Full Movie Watch Online | Jackie Shroff Superhit Hindi Movie

Mulaqaat | Full Movie | Jackie Shroff | Madhoo | Superhit Hindi Movie

Release Date: 2017-09-07 11:35:10
Movie Rateing: 3.75
Movie Length: 2:8:54

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Superhit Hindi Movie Mulaqaat (2002)
Starring: Jackie Shroff, Madhoo, Milind Gunaji, Vinay Anand, Arun Bakshi, Rita Bhaduri, Kulbhushan Kharbanda, Shivani Rathod.
Producer: Shanoo Mehra, Director: Ravey Shankar

Synopsis: Jas and Javed Khan are close friends, even though Jas is Hindu and Javed a Muslim. Jas comes from a very wealthy family, while Javed is a struggling poet. Javed meets an admirer, Archana Vithalrao Patkar, and soon both fall in love. The Patkar family have no qualms about Archana getting married to a Muslim, and as such both Archana and Javed approach the Registrar of Marriages, and are informed that they will be notified within one month. Archana is molested by thugs, Javed and Jas come to her rescue. In the process, Jas while attempting to subdue one of the thugs, accidently kills Javed, leaving himself and Archana devastated. Then Javed’s destitute family visits Bombay, and Jas and the Patkars decide not to tell them about Javed’s death. The Khans consist of Siddiqui, Akhtar, and Shabnam, who her Javed’s dad, brother, and sister respectively. Jas meets them at the railway station and brings them over to his house, and tells them that Javed will be back soon. He and Shabnam fall instantly in love, and this does not auger well with Akhtar, as he would prefer Shabnam marry a Muslim. Akhtar asks Jas to keep away from her, and seeks out a Muslim man to marry Shabnam. But Jas and Shabnam are determined to marry, and it is then they come to know of Javed’s death, and Jas’ involvement in it.

Mulaqaat | Full Movie | Jackie Shroff | Madhoo | Superhit Hindi Movie

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