Nai Roshni Hindi Full Action Drama Movie Ashok Kumar

Nai Roshni Ha Hindi Movie Full Action And Drama Movie Ashok Kumar, Mala Sinha HD,

Length: 2:38:35
Plot: Please watch: “Shikar || Hindi Full Movie || Dharmendra, Asha Parekh, Sanjeev Kumar”


Professor Kumar lives a wealthy life with his wife, a son, Jyoti, and two daughters, Rekha and Chitra. His son is addicted to alcohol and stays away from home, often returning late at night or not at all. Rekha is traditional, orthodox, and is willing to marry the man of her father’s choice. Chitra, on the other hand is the opposite, extrovert, outgoing, and having an affair with a Judge’s son, Ramesh. Chitra soon finds out that Ramesh is an alcoholic, and a womanizer, but she would still like him to marry her, as she is expecting his child. Then a young man, Prakash, finds out that Prof. Kumar had an affair with his mother, Parvati, and abandoned her in a pregnant state, when he found out that she was going to lose her vision. Prakash now wants to expose this two-faced professor, and get some justice for his mother. Faced with a scandal over his pregnant daughter, will Kumar be able to handle Prakash’s accusations?

Director : C.V. Sridhar
Starring : Ashok Kumar, Mala Sinha, Raaj Kumar
Writers : N.S. Bedi
Release dates : 1967
Country India
Language Hindi

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Nai Roshni Ha Hindi Movie Full Action And Drama Movie Ashok Kumar, Mala Sinha HD,