Noukadubi | Bangla Serial | Episode 31

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Noukadubi | Bangla Serial | Episode 31

Noukadubi | Bangla Serial | Episode 31 Watch Online HD Free Download
RunTime: 21:43
Watch Bengali TV Serial “Noukadubi : নৌকাডুবি” Written by “Kabiguru Rabindranth Tagore”

Synopsis ::
Ramesh, after passing law, fall in love with modern Bramha girl Hemnalini. Failing to get Hemnalini’s favour Akshay informed that to Ramesh’s father. Hearing that Ramesh’s father immediately gave marriage of Ramesh with a village girl. While returning after marriage by river, their boat drowned due to a heavy storm. When Ramesh got back his sense he found himself in the river bank besides his newly wedded wife. Ramesh could not see the face of his wife in the wedding night. But later he came to know that Kamala was also a newly wedded wife and their boat also drowned, but she was someone other’s wife. Ramesh decided to find out Kamala’s husband and hand over Kamala to him and then he would marry Hemnalini. So he admitted Kamala in the Calcutta Borading and got busy in finding Kamala’s husband. Many days passed, Ramesh ultimately decided to marry Kamala. Kamala after not getting her husband, she wrote a letter to Hemnalini informing everything. Accidentally Kamala found that letter. Kamala secretly left for Kashi. In the mean time Hemnalini decided to marry Nalinaksha. Incidentally it was found that Nalinaksha was the actual husband of Kamala. To take revenge on Ramesh, Akshay went to Kashi in search of Kamala. But all his attempts were in vain. At last Kamala got back to her husband and Ramesh got Hemnalini as his wife.

Cast & Crew :–
Ramesh- Rishi Mukherjee
Kamala – Rupanjana Mitra
Akshay – Himadri Das
Hemanlini – Ajanta Basu
Annada – Amalendu Chatterjee
Yogendra – Saptarshi Ray
Continuity : Ashim Basu, Ajoy Mishra
Cinematographer : Debashis Chakraborty
Producer : Shukla Mitra
Director : Shukla Mitra
Lyricist : Goutam Mitra
Music Director : Goutam Mitra
Artist : Himadri Das

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